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Thought I’d have a look how the performance of my treerock.me page is looking. Before I made any changes, page weighed in at 159KB (having no images on the front page helps). I was a bit surprised at the size of the CSS and javascript until I remembered I’d used Bootstrap and realised the code included a moment.js file that’s about 41KB.

The page required seven server requests. And webpagetest.org recorded the page loading in 0.5s and all requests complete in 0.9s*.


  • Stripping out Bootstrap and writing the necessary CSS by hand cut the CSS down to 4KB.
  • Replacing the old ‘grid’ layout stuff with Flexbox shaved another 0.8KB off the total.
  • Stripping moment.js out of the javascript saved 41KB.

To summarise:

|         | HTML    | JS      | CSS     | Total   |
| Before  | 11.08KB | 53KB    | 84.23KB | 148.31KB|
| After   | 8.51KB  | 12.61KB | 2.85KB  | 23.97KB |

The for comparison, page now loads in 0.34s and everything complete in 0.64s*.

I did have a look at minification and considered compressing the files before sending but difference was negligible.

Dated: 2019-01-10
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