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tailwind (again)

While building co.untdown I really started to get annoyed with the time I was taking fiddling with the CSS. Apart from playing about with Bootstrap, I’d never used a CSS framework, but I’d heard a few good things about TailwindCSS so I read up on it and it sounded so weird and contrarian, that I had to try it out.

So Tailwind uses ‘utility’ classes that let you define the style of an element, effectively meaning you no longer write CSS, instead you write HTML classes, almost as if you were writing all your CSS inline.

class='bg-blue-500 text-white p-6 rounded text-2xl font-bold'

This is the opposite of most advice to use semantic class name and separate the styling into the CSS.

co.untdown is the first project I’ve tried it out on, but so far I’ve been enjoying it. It make it quick and fun to fire out a web page.

And this way of doing things might just make sense when you start composing websites and applications from pre-defined components. Maybe.

Dated: 2019-10-26
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