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This is an atrocity #

Now I know what you’re thinking, “this is an atrocity, what a horrible mess!” and you’re right…

Surprising honesty here in the Tailwind Documentation. And they are right, it does look a right mess.

Dated: 2019-10-13
Category: quote

Design Tips #

Design Tips

A nice collection of simple UX design tips.

Dated: 2019-09-05
Category: link

Diagramming Process #

Charles Eames showing the design process as finding the overlap between the needs of the client, the designer and society as a whole. From What is Design?, 1969.


Dated: 2019-08-19
Category: image

Bloom #


‘A free and open source google’ supposedly. Actually a set of open source productivity apps. They’ve got cloud storage (Drive), a notetaking app, a contacts app, music and a photo gallery. All, apparently, on one platform.


Dated: 2019-06-20
Category: link

Computers Don't Argue #

Computers Don’t Argue

A computer is the Ultimate Bigot. Since it’s absolutely and totally lacking in imagination, it can’t possibly imagine that it could be wrong! Or, of course, that another computer could be wrong…

George R. Dickinson, Computers Don’t Argue


Dated: 2019-04-27
Category: link

Knuth vs Email #

Knuth vs Email (1999)

I have been a happy man ever since January 1, 1990, when I no longer had an email address.

Dated: 2019-04-22
Category: link

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